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Corporate Social Responsibility

Lars Larsen Watches’ packaging is fully recyclable and made of 50% post-consumer recycled materials. All paper and paperboard are FSC sourced paper and the glue/print foil are environmentally harmless.

Lars Larsen Watches are as a company very aware of the commitment to CSR, and would like to proactively contribute to solving some of the world’s social and environmental challenges.

In order to live up to our responsibilities, we strive to comply with international standards and treaties on all our purchases, both directly or through subcontractors.

Already, Lars Larsen Watches in line with the majority of our own principles, continue to evaluate whether there are areas where we can improve our performance, be it in the form of health and safety of all our employees, the protection of the environment and our impact on society.

In relation to our suppliers, our ambition for our approach to CSR to support suppliers to also focus on principles. Our ambition is to strengthen communication with suppliers and help them to improve their performance and commitment to the challenges that we share. We also want our suppliers to understand our high expectations in relation to environmental challenges, anti-corruption, as well as labour and human rights.

By Larsen Watches - Aug 20, 2015 11:31:35 AM