The Character of Our Design

Scandinavian and in particular Danish Design has become synonymous with timeless style.

The key elements in the Lars Larsen design is simple and minimalistic design. Contemporary and sophisticated to match both business and casual attire.

Many of our watches are designed to be slim and light weighted.   

A glance of Denmark

Denmark is a country filled with beautiful green quiet spots, high fashion designs, cozy living rooms, children playing, couples kissing at the corners and friends hanging out.
Denmark is also a country appreciating the process of seeing things grow from earth to table talking food, design or art. 

The love in the process is the way to make high quality in everything you touch, this is Denmark and this is what inspires us in our designs and daily work at Lars Larsen Watches – A lifelong love affair.


Earth to table – every watch is a lifelong love affair.
We celebrate craftsmanship, and the idea of taking your product from a simple thought to a finished unique product. This is also the process at Larsen Watches. Every model in every line has started as an inspiration of one of the designers, who makes a simple drawing.
Together with technical department, this drawing turns into a technical drawing and in cooperation with production prototypes takes form.
No compromise

To capture the trend and adjust even the smallest details, making sure our customers get the strongest and most unique watch, we use test panels to wear and evaluate our prototypes.
Doing this, we make sure that every time we present a new design, we have done everything possible making this a lifelong love affair between the watch and its owner.
Good design and quality takes time growing, but is worth waiting for.

A closer look at some unique designs

Minimalist design 

We always work on new designs, getting inspired everywhere.

With these models in Line LW43 and LW44, we have worked on making the casing slimmer.

We have kept the classic minimalistic look but has brought in a twist with the blue hands, making the watch unique and sophisticated.

~ · ~

The classic

Mens watch LW22 & Ladies watch LW37.

With our classic line LW22 and LW37 we have gone all the way to make a simple and beautiful design by using only the best materials. 

Sapphire crystal glass make the curved dial catches the light, and the watch stand out from the crowd. .

~ · ~

Sports - Divers watches

Making simple and classic diver is a challenge, but not impossible. The combination of all the details and still be sure that the design has the right dimensions, is always exciting. 

Our line LW15 for men and LW42 for ladies are two diving series, which we are very proud of, as the balance between functions, dimension and design are fully succeeded. 

~ · ~