Made in Denmark

Welcome to our production

Based in Svendborg on the south of Fynen, you find the Lars Larsen Watches headquarter and production.
This is the location of designing and making Larsen Watches. Using the local environment developing new design, higher quality and new ways to produce is vital for our DNA. 

Made in Denmark
Denmark is known for product design, where the form, quality and intended use of the product is combined to meet the highest standards. Lars Larsen Watches are celebrating the high standards by taking all production in-house and offering the owners of a Lars Larsen watch Limited lifetime warranty. 
Scratch resistant Sapphire Crystal
All our watches are produced with a scratch resistant Sapphire crystal lens. The Sapphire glass is synthetically produced crystal, second only to diamond in its hardness, making it extremely durable.   


Learn about the watch you buy
COLOR COATING / PLATING All the Larsen Watches watch cases, buckles, and bracelets go through an ionic fusion (electric plating) process. This is a very strong plating process. All watches in gold or black are coated with titanium that is the newest and most advanced technic for long lasting coating. The gold coating is a mixture of titanium and gold that is merged with the stainless steel base material in a fusion process, that takes place in a vacumm chamber.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Lars Larsen Watches’ packaging is fully recyclable and made of 50% post-consumer recycled materials. All paper and paperboard are FSC sourced paper and the glue/print foil are environmentally harmless. Lars Larsen Watches are as a company very aware of the commitment to CSR, and would like to proactively contribute to solving some of the world’s social and environmental challenges.